Max Muscle Xtreme and Max Test Ultra Review


I was alerted to another very persuasive article the other day.

This time, a visitor to the website wrote in all excited about this incredible new supplement stack that Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock) uses to get in shape for his movies.

It’s Max Muscle Xtreme and Max Test Ultra, and he asked that I check it out and let him know if it’s legit or just more marketing bullshit.

Well, I’m sorry to report… it’s total bullshit.

We’ve come across articles like this many times before, so they’re pretty easy to spot at this point.

But since many of you are just seeing it for the first time, I’ll break it down so you’re not left with any doubt about the fact that Max Muscle Xtreme and Max Test Ultra is just a scam.

Let’s start right at hte top with the header section of the website and the title of the article that probably brought you here.

I’ve circled and underlined a few key things to point out:

Max muscle Xtreme and Max Test Ultra Headline

  • Notice the name of the website.They want you to think you’re reading an article in Men’s Health Magazine, so they use the same font and color scheme as the real thing, but they add the word “Life” in light gray so as not to actually infringe on any copyrights.You’re not reading Men’s Health; you’re reading Men’s Health Life – a completely different thing.
  • Then there’s a very important word – Advertorial. WTF is an advertorial?It’s actually a made up word for a fake article that’s meant to look like an editorial, but is really an advertisement.Notice they put that word in light gray too – apparently hoping you won’t notice.
  • Now look at the address bar for the website.The address for Men’s Health Magazine is “” is something completely different.
  • You’ll have to trust me on this one, unless you go check it out yourself, but the links: FITNESS, SEX&LOVE, FOOD, etc aren’t really links. They don’t go anywhere.They’re just put there to make it look more like a real online magazine.
  • The title of the “advertorial” “’Legal Steroid’ Producing Massive Muscle Gains” is very well crafted to get your attention, especially if you just did an internet search looking for supplements to help you gain muscle mass, which is how they find most of their potential customers.

Max Muscle Xtreme and Max Test Ultra Celebrity Endorsements

Max muscle Xtreme and Max Test Ultra Sullivan Stapleton

Max muscle Xtreme and Max Test Ultra the rock

The most common questions I get about these articles are all about the celebrity endorsements.

People want to know if these guys really use this stuff, and if not, why are they letting some random company use their image?

I gotta admit, they’re good questions, and the answers, at least to the second question, are a little weak.

The answer to the first question – do they use Max Muscle Xtreme and Max Test Ultra – is a big NO.

Look at the actual text to see how they make you think they use it, without actually saying they do:

Max muscle Xtreme and Max Test Ultra may have seen

See, they never actually say that Tom Hardy, or Chris Hemsworth, or Gerard Butler, or any of them actually use Max Muscle Xtreme and Max Test Ultra.

They just dance around it making you think they do.

Max muscle Xtreme and Max Test Ultra supplements like

Notice they say celebrities use “Supplements Like Max Muscle Xtreme and Max Test Ultra” not that they use these actual supplements.

Okay so the article is really an advertisement, and it’s really pushing a product more than revealing a big bodybuilding breakthrough. So what, right? Companies advertise their products. What’s wrong with that?

Nothing at all is wrong with advertising your product.

But let’s move on through the article, and you’ll see that what they say about the actual products, Max Muscle Xtreme and Max Test Ultra, isn’t even correct information.It’s almost like they’re not even really talking about these products at all, and truthfully, that’s because they aren’t.

Testing Max Muscle Xtreme and Max Test Ultra

The article goes on to talk about how the author decided to try this amazing new stack for himself and write about his results.

When he discusses how he chose Max Muscle Xtreme and Max Test Ultra, here’s what he says Max Muscle Xtreme does:

Max muscle Xtreme and Max Test Ultra max muscle bennies

These benefits sound like they’d come from a testosterone booster or an fat burner, or a combination of the two.

But if you go the actual Max Muscle Xtreme website, you find out it’s a nitric oxide booster.

And while it’s true that boosting NO will improve your workouts, it doesn’t reduce puffiness or increase protein synthesis.

But the biggest issue with this list is that it doesn’t even mention a nitric oxide boost at all.Why would they leave out the most important aspect of the supplement they’re advertising?

The discrepancy is even bigger when it comes to Max Test Ultra.

The official website claims it’s a post workout supplement to improve recovery, but that’s not even mentioned at all in the benefits listed in the article:

Max muscle Xtreme and Max Test Ultra max test bennies

Here’s why this matters.

This exact same article has been used to promote dozens and dozens of supplement stacks over the past few years.

The article was written once, and every few months, they just change out the products, putting in whatever they’re pushing at the time.

That’s why the benefits in the article don’t match the benefits on the product websites.

The Author’s Results

The article goes through a week by week diary of body composition changes where he lost pounds of fat and replaced it with pounds of muscle.

This is the same diary that’s used for all the supplement combinations they push.

I won’t get into the week by week breakdown here, but take a look at what the end result is said to be:

Max muscle Xtreme and Max Test Ultra No diet no workout

Guys, I know you have high hopes, but no one is going to gain 16 pounds of muscle in 4 weeks without working their ass off at the gym lifting heavy weights and eating enough of the right calories to support that kind of gain.

I don’t care what supplement they’re taking, it ain’t gonna happen.

Okay, so you may be convinced that this article is bullshit, but what about the supplements themselves?

I know you want to know if you can get any real benefit from them, so let’s take a look and figure that out.

Max Muscle Xtreme

The official product website is where we get our information about Max Muscle Xtreme, and basically it’s a pre workout supplement focuses on increasing the amount of nitric oxide in your body.

NO is a vasodilator; it opens up and widens your blood vessels to allow an increased amount of blood to flow through to your muscles.

This means better oxygen and nutrient delivery, which means increased endurance and strength during workouts, and improved muscle repair after workouts.

Max muscle Xtreme and Max Test Ultra max muscle xtreme ingredientsThey don’t provide a complete ingredient list, but the highlights are:

  • L-Arginine which is a precursor to nitric oxide, so increasing L-Argninine increases nitric oxide.
  • Citrulline Mallate which is a precursor to L-Arginine, so it also increases nitric oxide, but since it takes a few steps to get there, it delays the increase.Combining L-Arginine with Citrulline Mallate provides a long lasting nitric oxide boost.
  • Pure NO Super Molecule which is really just more L-Arginine, perhaps in a slightly different form.

As a pre workout formula, you take 2 Max Muscle Xtreme capsules about half an hour before working out, and fyi, the website recommends a healthy diet and workout routine to get the best resuts.

So Max Muscle Xtreme looks like it may be a somewhat effective nitric oxide booster, so if it’s offered at a good price, it may be worth a try.

Where to Buy Max Muscle Xtreme

The only way to purchase Max Muscle Xtreme is through a free trial offer at the website (which the fake article links to).

But watch out because the free trial is really just a scam.

You pay only a small shipping fee and they send you a full one-month supply.

The moment you place your order, your 14-day trial period begins.If you don’t contact Max Muscle Xtreme to cancel within that 14 day trial period, they’ll charge you the full price of $89.95 for the “free” bottle and sign you up for monthly shipments at that same price each month.

Most guys who order these free trials (and Max Muscle Xtreme isn’t the only one) have no idea they’re signing up for anything more than a free trial for the initial cost of shipping.

They are completely blindsided when they get their first charge on their account, and they’re livid when they get the next one a month later.

Max Muscle Xtreme does explain the program, but it’s buried in the fine print of the Terms and Conditions, which very few people read thoroughly, and they know that.

What they do is shady and deceitful, but unfortunately it’s not illegal.

Max Test Ultra

The official Max Test Ultra website calls it the Ultimate Recovery Matrix, saying it improves post workout recovery time, replenishes lost energy, and builds more muscle mass.

They also don’t provide a complete ingredient list, but hit on a few key highlights:

  • Tribulus Terrestris which is thought to help increase your body’s natural production of testosterone, leading to increase muscle building and libido.
  • D-Aspartic Acid which is also a testosterone booster that’s been demonstrated clinically to increase levels.
  • ZMA (Zinc as Monomethionine and Aspartate and Vitamin B-6) which is thought to be crucial to the natural testosterone production process.

Max muscle Xtreme and Max Test Ultra Max test ultra ingredients

These key ingredients would definitely point toward Max Test Ultra being a testosterone booster rather than a post workout supplement, but the website later goes on to briefly mention a few other ingredients in passing:

  • Beta Alanine which decreases the buildup of lactic acid so your muscles don’t get sore and tired during tough workouts.
  • L-Arginine for an increase in Nitric Oxide.
  • Taurine, Caffeine, and Green Tea for energy and antioxidant protection.
  • Amino Acids for post workout recovery.

Really the most important thing for post workout recovery is Branched Chain Amino Acids, and there’s no mention of these anywhere in relation to Max Test Ultra.

For that reason, I wouldn’t recommend it as a post workout, even if you could get a good deal.

Where to Buy Max Test Ultra

Just like Max Muscle Xtreme, Max Test Ultra is only sold through its official website and only by signing up for the free trial.

This one is also a scam, with identical terms to the ones for Max Muscle Xtreme.

You won’t be getting anything for free unless you contact them and cancel within 14 days of the day you ordered.

How To Cancel Max Muscle Xtreme and Max Test Ultra

You may be reading this because you’ve already been scammed and you’re trying to figure out how best to handle it.

The first thing you need to do is contact them and get yourself off their automatic shipping.

For both products, the listed phone number is 1-877-669-0503 and the email address is [email protected]LEANst-r-ong They say email is a better way to contact them.

They may require you to return the products and they may not.

This seems to change from product to product, and sometimes it depends on which customer service rep you get.

The Bottom Line

Your first introduction to Max Muscle Xtreme and Max Test Ultra was probably the very impressive “article” about how this stuff is taking the celebrity workout world by storm, and how you can try it yourself for free. I don’t blame you for getting sucked in.

They know guys will get sucked in – that’s why they do it, and they make a lot of money doing it.

These supplement scams aren’t going anywhere.

This article will keep popping up, but with different stacks every other week or month or so.

As long as they do, we’ll be here trying to expose them for the scams they are.

Max Muscle Xtreme and Max Test Ultra are a scam, plain and simple.

The article is a fake, the supplements are generic – using smatterings of decent ingredients just enough to say they’re in there.

Don’t fall for it, and if you already have, call or email to cancel right away, so they don’t take any more of your time, money, or frustration.




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