5 Shocking Factors That Cause Low Testosterone & How You Should Avoid Them!


Have you considered these factors that could be affecting your testosterone levels?

Low testosterone; we’ve all been there. Before you were hit with your body’s “total appearance enhancement and improvement system” aka, puberty, you had about as much testosterone as a eunuch. As you get older your natural testosterone levels gradually decrease, leaving you feeling miserable, annoyed, gains-free, and unable to produce a stiffy when the missus requests a night of rejuvenation.

Have you ever been around your old man, or old mans old man and just thought to yourself “Why the hell you so angry all the damn time, old man Jenkins?” Chances are that their test levels are not what it should be, causing them to literally be grumpy old men.

So, we basically know that with age comes degradation of our testosterone — a very unfortunate side-effect of being a male. However, what society fails to see is that low testosterone levels are also a result of the things we put into our bodies, and not just something that comes from growing old. Putting crap into our bodies just helps speed up the process of reaching the point of low testosterone.

See the five factors that could possibly be negatively affecting your testosterone on the next page.


1. Prolonged Stress

No surprise here; stress kills testosterone levels like it gets paid to. A study in Norway was performed on eight young students of the Norwegian Academy of War. The students underwent a 5-day combat course. A week after the course was completed, the students’ urine was tested, and what the results showed were that their plasma testosterone levels drastically decreased from 5.6 ng/ml ± 1.4 to 0.9 ± 0.5 during the five days.

If you feel like you’re experiencing any major psychological and/or physical stress, be it at college or work, and feel like it’s affecting your goals in the gym, your mood, etc., then it’s probably time to have your testosterone levels checked by your physician.

2. Xenoestrogens

Xenoestrogens are a type of xenohormone that imitates the estrogen hormone. These are usually synthetic or natural chemical compounds. Synthetic xenoestrogens are commonly used in industrial compounds, such as PCBs, BPA and phthalates, which all have an estrogenic effect on a living organisms.

Health experts might advise you to avoid non-organic foods due to the chemicals that are found in them. However, they don’t tell you that these chemicals are filled with synthetic estrogen, causing low testosterone in males. If more young men knew about this, almost all of them would switch over to organic food sources.

3. Brewskies

This one might be the biggest shocker on the list — and rightly so. For centuries beer has been the drink for men. Remember when you had your first beer? You felt pretty manly, right? And that’s why it’s shocking to see that beer causes low testosterone levels.

A study performed in 2004 showed that moderate beer consumption caused a 6.8% drop in plasma testosterone levels. And this is all due to the hops that are used for the beer. Most of these hops have estrogen-like properties, which are the main cause for the drop in testosterone levels.


4. Refined Carbs — What?!

What’s easier: a packet of chips, or baking a potato in the oven? Most things in today’s society are designed to be one big slice of convenience — and we see that mostly with our food. Wherever you look you’ll find refined carbs. And let’s face it, some sugary goodness almost always tastes better than a salad, or vegetables.

Eating high amounts of refined carbs spikes your insulin like a mutha! Elevated levels of insulin has an effect on the hormonal pathways in your body, disrupting the production of testosterone.

The takeaway message? Stop eating so much sweets!

5. Hormones in the Meat You Eat

Nope, we’re not talking HGH or IGF-1 here. Although the hormones used in the animals are what causes them to grow faster and more muscle. However, these hormones do have a negative effect on our physiological systems. The effects may not be acute, but they sure as hell affect you in the long run. But you lift weights, so you need your protein. And what better way to get protein than to eat copious amounts of beef or chicken, right?

You may not feel it now, but a few years down the line you’ll start to notice the effect that the hormones in your meat have on your testosterone levels.

Whenever you feel like your testosterone production might be suffering, we recommend that you see your physician and get everything checked out. If your testosterone does happen to be low, we recommend you take a look at our Top 10 List of Testo Boosters.




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