Comment Arrêter De Trop Manger Pendant Les Repas


We were taught to “finish our plates because there are children starving in Ethiopia. “This council has been passed from generation to generation. From grandparents to our parents and us now.

The problem we face now is that the quality of the food is less rich in nutrition and if we follow this counsel, we will all be overweight.

So how to measure a portion of the right size?

It’s simple … the size of your fist or palm of your hand is the right portion size for you.
A meal example would be a bit of chicken breast the size of your palm (170-225 g), a medium apple and a small potato to bake the size of your fist.

The rest should be kept for your next meal or snack.
Another point I would mention is that raw vegetables are exempt from this rule.

You can eat as many raw vegetables and salad you can bear. This kind of food is rich in nutrients and low in calories. This is obviously the perfect food of nature!

Below, I’ve listed some tips on how to control portion sizes for you to be happy all day and do not be hungry.

1. Be aware of the difference between being satisfied and have satisfied your hunger.

You should never eat until you are full. This will ensure that fat pockets are formed directly in your hips, your buttocks and your belly. Our body was not designed to withstand the extra calories. This feeling of fullness you get you communicate that you have reached maximum capacity and it is time to break down food and store fat.

2. Make sure that when you eat, you always do in a small plate.

Studies show that since we have been psychologically reprogrammed to finish our plates, the best thing to do is … to use smaller plates. This will satisfy your desires.

3. Do not order pizza larger when you eat out.

The fast-food food is devoid of nutrients and terrible health. If you “need” to go to the restaurant, so do not eat a mouthful to satisfy you, not to get a better report “quantity-price.”

4. The reason why you have additional desires and want to eat large portions is probably because you eat the wrong amount of food.

You will probably have to adjust the proportions in terms of protein, carbohydrate and fat. This is not necessarily because of the type of food you eat, but rather the amount of food you eat. Would that seem logical?

5. Divide your portions 6 smaller meals a day.

This is actually a rule in gold. By eating 6 smaller meals a day, you not only stop your food cravings and eat smaller portions, but you also give your metabolism a much needed energy boost. Better metabolism will result in burning more fat!

6. When preparing snacks, use of small bags or really smaller bowls instead of eating straight from the box, the main bowl or jar.

7. When you eat out, fill your stomach salad first, (very small amount of dressing) before your main course.

8. And the last tip, but not least … Eat to live, not live to eat.

What I mean by this is to train yourself to be aware of what you eat. Pay attention to what you put in your body. Eat to your health and energy. Not to satisfy a craving.

The food is plentiful in our society. The problem is the quality of food. It is much cheaper and easier to find and prepare foods rich in calories. They have little nutrition and will literally stored as fat instantly. Eating this type of food does not satisfy your body because it does not have the nutrients it needs. Your body ends up having even more food cravings.

Now is the time you resume control!
Remember that knowledge is your power. Let’s put it into practice!



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