How to Burn Fat Like an MMA Fighter

 MMA fighters are among the hardest training athletes on the planet.  . . They have to be to be able to handle those super intense...

Get Progressive To Get Massive

To make traction in your training, you have got to do more than you did before to Get Massive. It’s a simple concept, but...

Prepare For Success – Work It Out Before You Workout

Usually, the best things in life, worth getting, take time preparation and planning. It’s really no different with fitness. ‘Work it out’ first and you will be...

Skinny Girl’s Guide to Weight Gain: Exercise

When it comes to gaining weight, there is only one type of weight that you want to put on – muscle. That’s true for women...

The Fat Burning Playground Workout

Have you noticed that your local kid’s playground has everything you need to get in a very functional full body workout? There are plenty...

How To Choose a Personal Trainer

 Introduction Working out on your own can be scary. Having a knowledgeable person to guide you can often make the difference between success and failure....

Jump Rope for Fat Loss

Introduction A lot of people don’t take jumping rope seriously. Many view it as a playground activity for kids – or a specialized one for...

Strength Training for Fat Loss

Introduction For many people, exercise for fat loss means doing cardio exercise. Recent research (such as that published in the Journal of Applied Physiology), however, indicates...

Run Like A Pro

Introduction You learnt to run when you were a toddler. You’ve been doing it ever since. When it comes to becoming a serious runner, however,...

Why Sit Ups are Not A Smart Ab Exercise

Introduction We all want ripped, six pack abs. For decades the prevailing wisdom told us that the way to get them was by pounding out...
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